Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eight to Ten

More squares and a new start.
  • Block 8 (080610): GAAA no. 5 Kathleen T. Carty - unusual construction. A bit fiddly in places, but a lot of fun

  • Block 9 (080612): GAA no. 9 Lily Chin - biased square with bobbles. Also a rather unusual construction on a square, but way easier than block 9. This gives me the idea for trying a biased square with cable. I have to think about the idea a little bit longer …

  • Block 10 (080614): GAAA no. 2 Julie H. Levy - not a very exiting square, but not boring either.

Monday in a week, I'm going to Japan once again. For the knitting on the plane I've picked another pattern from Knitty (Spring 2008). It's the Lace Ribbon Scarve.

I did two repeats so far, and I'm confident that it will keep me busy for a while. The yarn is one I've picked up last December in Japan (so I'm taking it home, really). Very fine yarn, very soft, no idea what it's made of. 15 gramms run for 148m - that's quire a bit. I've got five balls, which should be plenty (the pattern asks for around 600m, though I'm making one more repeat of the pattern, as I'm knitting it on smaller needles). The pattern is easy to memorize, but does require some attention, so you don't drop stitches.

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stitcherw said...

Your squares are all looking great, you're making wonderful progress. When finished, your afghan will be awesome with all the different squares. The scarf is looking so pretty too, good luck with your upcoming trip.