Sunday, August 17, 2008

And the Games Go On

I'll be off next week in Sweden visiting my sister and her family. And watching the olympics. Excessively. It's turining into a bit of a tradition, as we've did this four years ago. I was stitching on 'The Minstral' from Teresa Wentzler back then and finished it while I was there. My sister, courious, started with her own stitching project and the bug was passed on again ...

This year I'll be probably mostly knit, though I have a quilting kit I want to try and my sister has done quite some lovely quilting so far, so she may be able to give me a few pointers. But for TV watching I'll work an a new pair of socks and also bring my Aran Afghan project, to work on some more squares.

Yesterday I've finished the Lily of the Valley shawl and, gosh, it turned out beautifully.

This picture was done pre-blocking (isn't is great how the shawl hides my big butt?)
I was a bit reluctant how the silk would block, but there was no reason to fear. It turned out great. I blocked the whole thing this morning and it got even more lovely then it was before.

You see what I mean?

Last night was a lunar eclipse over Germany, so, of course I tried to capture is with me camera. The 300mm lens did get some cool pics. I did play around with exposure times a lot,

I did try to caputure the famous red glow, but was not as successful as I hoped I'd be.
That's the best I've got.

Yesterday was also our traditional BBQ in the Hundsr├╝ck. Looks who was there ...

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stitcherw said...

Your shawl turned out gorgeous.