Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Crafty Vacation Post

This is the second post of the day, covering the crafty stuff I've did while on vacation. And keep your hats on, it's quite a bit :)

While in Sweden, we watched a lot of TV. And when I watch TV, I almost always do something crafty.

The first thing I've started with was a new pair of sock. Basically, the travel sock bit (I started on the flight). The pattern is the Mock Wave Cable Socks from the Favorite Socks book. The wool is JitterBug sock yarn, which I bought in Alaska last year.

It is a fairly dark green, but maybe not quite as dark as in the first picture.

Second project was a necklace my sister made a while ago for my other sister. I wanted to learn how.

It's using the peyote stitch to create a circular tube of beads. By using four different sizes for those beads, this spiral effect is create. It's actually pretty simple.

Another craft I wanted to try my hands on is quilting. And a small kit I've also bought last year in Alaska was perfect for it, as it covered several technics, without being too big.

I did the quiliting in Sweden, but did the application back home. According to the kit you're supposed to add some beads for water droplets, but at the moment I like it just fine as it is.

Back home, I've felt inspired to go back (after almost half a year of abstinence) to my cross stitching. My sister is stitching on The Guardian from Teresa Wenzler, and I've got sitting at home the Castle Sampler (which my sister has finished herself, and framed and, gosh, it is lovely)

I finished the center panel now, and started with the greenery around the panel (which is nice and relaxing to stich, as it doesn't require a color change every two or three stitches)

I also bought a magazine in Sweden called Right-Angle Weave from Bead & Button.

I started out with with caterpillar bracelet, but am not happy about my color choices, so I possibly will undo it again, and use the beads for something else.

To staff off my frustration, I did just today two Wiggle Room bracelets, which are fun to make, and fast too. The second one took less than an hour.

The green one is a bit too long, but the blue one is perfect and I'm wearing it as I type.

Ah, and I also finished another square for my Aran Afghan.

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Miss 376 said...

Wow, you've certainly been busy. The quilted panel looks great