Sunday, August 10, 2008

One World, One Dream

You may think about the olympic games in China whatever you want, but the opening cermony on Friday was pretty impressive. I took the afternoon off and watched it at my parents' place (it's more fun watching it in company)

The show was (as I had expected) perfectly choreographied and executed. Loved the bit with the picture and how this picture progressed during the show and how they said the olympic oath on it after all the athlets had walked over it and added to it.
I always look forward to the parade of the nations. It's sometimes hard to remember where that country is located (and how they manage to find athlets to take part). Noticed how for many countries the banner carrier was a woman (like in the case of Iran, which really surprised me)?

For the next two weeks I will immerse myself in the games. I have to work next week, but the week after I'm off and I will drop by my sister's place in Sweden so we can watch together. It's a bit of a tradition, really, as I've been visiting her the last time four years ago during the games in Athen (and during that trip I managed to give her the stitching bug *grin*)

Yeah, I did finish my Japanese bag

Still a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but quite usable for smaller stuff (like my knitting)
The leather handles came with the kit and I sewed them on by hand.
I still got some of the lighter green bast yarn left, but not so much of the darker one (not enough for aother stripe, that's sure)

This one out of the way I concentrate more on my Lily of the Valley Stole

This is a good picture to show the pattern and the color (at least on my screen - your milage may vary). I'm making good progress and just switched over to my second (out of three) balls of yarn. I've got seven repeats of the pattern so far, the instructions said to go for ten. But I guess I'll be aiming for twelve at least, depending on how long the second ball takes me. The third ball I will use for the edging.

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stitcherw said...

Your bag looks great, what a fun and useful finish. The stole is looking gorgeous as well, such a lovely color.