Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Swedish Vacation Post

So much has happened and was done in the last two weeks, I decided to split it up in two posts.

This is the first, the Swedish Vacation Post.

Last time I've visited my sister and my nephew in Sweden was four years ago, during the summer olypmics in Athen. And again I timed my vacation for the olympics. Perfect excuse to sit together, watch TV, chat and do crafty things - in short, having a damn good time.

But we didn't just sit on our butts, but also did a bit of sight seeing and making some photos.
Not far from my sister's place is a little harbor.

In the first half of my trip, the weather was not so good, but, hey, this adds atmosphere, right?

Those little huts are used to store stuff, I would think. I do love how the way is so overgrown.

We also went to Gothenburg and made a very nice boat tour through the channels and the harbor (only interupted by a little kid who pinched his finger pretty bad when we all had to duck in order to pass underneath a bridge that seperates the harbor from the channels. Eventually the parents decided they wanted to get off so they could get the little one to the hospital)

The ship in the picture is not really a ship anymore, but a hotel (but it used to be a real sailing ship - The Viking)

This church isn't a church either - it's a fish hall (but named the fish church)

The weather has improved greatly the second half of the trip, so we made another trip to the harbor.

I also played with my nephew and went to see his school (he just started his second year). He's grown so much since I've seen him the last time.

Maybe I shouldn't wait four years until the next trip - but then, there's always the winter olympics in two years ...

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