Friday, April 17, 2009

Facing the Facts

I've always known I've got a bit of yarn. I have some in some boxes in my bedroom (mostly the really old stuff that moved with me at least two times), some in my workroom (sock yarn mostly) and some in my living room (sock yarn again and the cotton and some of my odds and ends)

Today I took all the yarn to one place and took a long hard look at it.

- I have a lot of sock yarn (no surprise there, really, I had known that, though I have to ask myself why I keep buying more if I already have plenty?)
- I do like the color blue (again, no surprise)
- I do have a lot of single yarn balls (which would be okay if I'd knew what to do with it)
- I think one of my next projects needs to be a crazy quilt afghan or something along that line in order to get rid of all those single yarn balls
- I may have enough yarn for the short sleeved cardigan I've been thinking about since last weekend (how cool is that?), though the yarn is fairly old and I need to take a good long look at it before I decided I really can use it
- I have a lot of yarn I have no idea why the heck I ever bought it (other than I may have been on sale)
- I really should stop buying more yarn ... at least for a while (who am I kidding? I know I will buy more yarn, though I hope to be more project orientated than before)

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