Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Start

I finished the More Stripes shortly after Easter.

It does fit well and the yarn is really nice and soft. I could stroke it all day.
The knitting has been fun, as usual when I work with Noro. Just all those color changes are really pretty cool. I've had about one knot per ball of yarn - the downside of Noro, but I spit-sliced them and it's really hard to tell where they have been.

I was knitting away on an older scarf project (I started knitting on this one on my last trip to Japan, which has been over a year ago), when last week I German knitting magazine fell into my hands with a pattern I really liked. The pattern is using ribbon yarn, and as it happened I still had that semi-finished Bombshell (just scroll down a bit) sitting around. I finished the sweater, but never wore it and eventually decided I don't like it at all.
By now I've ribbed all of it up (with the help of some friends), wrapped the yarn into hanks and washed them, so all the dirt and the crinkle get out.

I started knitting, with some modification to the pattern.

So far so good.

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