Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring's Here!


In the last week, the temperatures have risen by a good 15deg C, there's sunshine and I spent some time on my balcony today and yesterday.

The trees are not really green yet, but they're working very, very hard on it.

On the knitting front I'm back to potholders. After trying to show my friends how the double knit technique works, I got back into the mood and did some more.

First pair is basically a repeat of the pair I made a few months ago (--> link), so only a detail picture this time to show off the colors.

Second pair in the works is the resurrection of the Transformer potholders I've tried to do a while ago, but found a bit confusing at this time.

First the Decepticon symbol and I'm in the middle of the Autobot symbol (doing it red on black). It certainly is fun to do and if I come up with a few more pattern, I will probably give it a try too. I've got a good set of colors now, though I might run low on a few eventually. Finding the black was pure luck last week, as I had not been successful before, but then discovered three skeins in the clear out bin at the Wolle Rödel in Frankfurt. Only, they are discontinuing that yarn, so there won't be any more.

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Petra said...

Wie süss! Zur selben Zeit, als ich Frühlingsbilder auf meinem Blog gepostet habe, hast Du die schönen, zarten Blüten gepostet.
Deine Double Knitting-Projekte sind echt klasse geworden!