Sunday, March 07, 2010

Almost There

Once upon a time - or, rather, last March - I posted the last update of my Sampler Game Board, a stitching project I've started a long time ago. I know I did stitch a bit more on this one after that post, but pretty much, for most of last year, this project had been put aside (some might say, ignored) for other things to do - like knitting a gazillion socks.

Not that I stopped knitting socks, no sir!

I finished my Skew Socks and I do love, love, Love them

This is one neat pattern, I tell ya. Not that complicated and the result is jaw dropping cool. Since posting the above picture on Ravelry I've got a lot of hits and many, many positive reviews.

And, of course, I've got another pair on the needles already.

Toe up with what pretty much is a reversed heel flap heel. Pretty funky that, and pretty cool too.

But, to come to the point of this post: I've picked up the Sampler Game Board again and thanks to the cold my dear nephew gifted me with I've got to stay at home the whole of last week and treaded myself with a Due South marathon and some long stitching hours.

There's a small sneak peek here...

... but I think I actually might be able to finish this by tonight. Only three more squares to go.

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