Sunday, July 04, 2010

Heat Wave

Summer has arrived. Yesterday, we saw a new heat record for this year with 37 °C. Which is waaaaaaay too hot.

World Cup is still on and our team is doing very well - I watched the quarter finals yesterday and enjoyed how they seriously clobbered the Argentinians. 4 : 0 - well done!!!

Luckily for all those brave Ironmen and Ironwomen who are doing the 3.8km swimming, 180km on the bike, followed up by a lovely little marathon, the temps have dropped a good ten degrees since yesterday, so it was not at terrible as it could have been.

I owe you guys a little update on the knitting front. There is not much, as it a) is just too hot to do much knitting, and b) I'm still working on the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Game (I'm in the fifth world and pretty stuck at the moment - some of those games are tough!)
I did finish the second crossword potholder - though it's not fulled yet. Both are knitted to the smae number of stitches (though the pattern is slightly different). I will do the fulling, when I have a few more things together. There is no hurry.

I made some progress on the Featherweight Cardigan. I finished the yoke and put the stitched for the arms on same waste yarn. Now I'm knitting on the body. It's fairly straight forward stocking stitch, no counting or attention needed. Perfect TV knitting.

My mom requested new socks, as one of the pairs I've made for her is starting to develope holes. I'm happy to oblique, especially after she picked out the wool.
It's not a fancy pattern, just something I came up with. I wish it would zigzag a little bit more, but I've tried some variations and all turned out ugh.
I like it - what about you, mom? I'll bring the one sock over next Friday for a fitting.

Finally, I started knitting a small shawl from some yarn I picked up a while ago. I'm not sure what I was thinking with this color combination - it is rather wild.
(but then, I think I used to have a skirt / pullover combination in exact the same colors once, a long, long time ago ....)

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