Sunday, July 25, 2010

They Have Safety Lines For A Very Good Reason

I few months back, I've wrote about the new climbing garden that had opened close to where I live. I did say that it 'does look like fun'.

Yeah, right!

Now, this weekend I had my nephews (12 and 14 years old) over for a little over night wii party, and I though it would be fun to go out a bit and have some fun. Now, being the 'cool' aunt (well, at least I try to be), I couldn't say no when they insisted to go up there with them. Of course, they seriously outran me, going through twice the parcours I got through (and they didn't stay with the easy to medium parcours either ....)

I wonder, if in one month time, when the bruises and my sore muscles have healed I will think back to today and say: 'Well, it WAS fun?'

At the moment .... I doubt it. ;)

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