Sunday, July 11, 2010


Heat is still on. There was a bit of a break beginning of the week, but now we're back in the mid-thirdy degrees.
Well, I guess that's why they call it summer.
I finished the socks for my mom.
I managed a pretty well matched pair and I like how they came out. The yarn is Regia World Color 'Paris' and the pattern is my own.
My mom wants some anti slipping protection, so I'm going to put some rubber stuff on the soles. Should be done soon, but with the weather as is, I doubt see needs them very soon.
I started already the next pair. Pattern here is called Calendula-Zopfsocken (yep, it's a German pattern) and the yarn is from online called Trend-collection Linie 1 Supersocke. I adore the color, which is a bit paler than in real life in the picture below.
I did also finish the Annis shawl, which was a nice and simple knit. Only, I do have the feeling I did something wrong. a) I used only about half the amount of yarn stated in the pattern and b) it does look much smaller than the other finished object in Ravelry.
I have no idea what I did wrong. I checked the pattern. Repeateably.
I'm also not happy about the color of the yarn (I do love the yarn itself - it is dreamingly soft). Currently, I'm thinking about dying the scarf either all in brown or in black.
There's no hurry though - I doubt I'm going to need a scarf/shawl in the near future.
I did mention it's hot, right?

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