Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Other Place

In my line of work I usually end up working wherever my company's customers are. Some time, when it is a longer engagement, I end up with an appartment at that town. I've lived for half a year in Dallas / Texas several years back, and also had an appartment close to Paris / France for a year or so.

Last big customer project got me an appartment in Dresden (at least it's still in Germany) and over the last few weeks I've tried to make it a home. As I spend a lot of time there, there's obviously a lot of my stuff that travels with me when I get there. And once in a while, stuff I thought is at my place home is in fact (most probably) in Dresden.

Case in point is the other half of the leg warmers I've made for my sister. I was sure I had the first piece I've knitted at home, but coming home this weekend, I can't find it here. Which means it probably, after all, in the Other Place.

Which also means I'm not able to pack them up and send time to sister dearest just right now.
Which sort of sucks.

If, however, it turns out it is not in the Other Place after all, and if it's in fact lost somehow, I still have one skein of the yarn and I could knit aother one.
Which, upon finishing, would garanty that the moment I've done that it would reveal that the first legwarmer was right in front of my eyes and had not, in fact, been lost.

Maybe my sister would be interesting in growing a third leg ;)

Ah, as a certain birthday has come and gone, I can finally show this here.

Yep, another pair of the infamous French Press Felted Slippers.

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