Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last week I managed to finish the Adventskalenderschal 2010. This was a project by several people on Ravelry where they got together and designed a shawl. Then, during the Christmas Season, they revealed a clue a day (kind of like opening a door in a normal Adventskalender) and if you wanted you could knit along with the rest of them (there are 288 projects for it registed on Ravelry) until, after 24 clues and on Christmas Eve, you've got a finished project.

I did wait until the knit along was completed and all parts where posted in one handy-dandy document, before I decided to start my Adventskalenderschal.

I used Regia Lace, a fairly new garn similar to the Regia Hand Dye, only thinner (for lace)

One skein of the yarn runs for 600m/100gr and I needed to buy a second skein for the last six or seven days (they shawl weigths a total of 130gr)

It was a very interesting project which needed quite a bit of attention (I'm pretty sure I've screwed up on day 2) and I'm very happy how it turned out (especially after I blocked it)

And even though it's lace it's nice and warm wrapped around my neck (I have to double it to do that as it has come out as rather long with a wooping 205cm by 45cm)

Next I've moved away from lace knitting and turned my hands on crochet for a change.
And what does one normally crochet?
I discovered only while I blocked those that I managed to make a mistake by not paying enough attention. With both of them.
Still I love them as they are bright and sunny and still usefull.

Not quite so useful, but still fun is M:

He's Michael's Minion and already moved in with my friend to look after him.
Can there be a more usefull birthday gift?
That is, if he doesn't manage to blow up his place ... (go, see the movie and you know what I'm talking about)

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