Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wrap and Weave

Welcome to my newest addiction ... ehr, hobby.

This is a Ashford Knitter's Loom (and, no, I'm not sure why it's called a 'Knitter's Loom'. It's not that one HAS to be a knitter to weave with it)
At the moment, the loom is wrapped with some old mohair yarn I've had in my stash forever and never quite found any use for. Weaving with that stuff is ... interesting. When you move the reed (that's that thing in the middle where all the treads go through) half the threads move up, the other half moves down. Ann thanks to the 'fluffyness' of the yarn the threads tend to stick to another. Getting them free requires a bit of work, though I'm getting the hang of it.

My very first piece was much easier. I've used some old Wollmeise yarn (the color is Wellensittichvogelfeder).

On the other hand, with this piece I had big problems with tension. The width varies between 11cm and 15cm. I know by now what I made wrong, so this shouldn't be a problem in the future (at least not too big of a problem)

One more piece in between those two was a trial piece from the magazine that came with the loom. Much fun to play with colors and how different counts in the wrap or in the weft affect the result.

Oh great, it's snowing.
That means I better stay inside and weave a bit more, right?

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