Saturday, November 01, 2014

Baby Baby

A friend of mine has become a daddy. Little Judith was born 7th of October and last night we finally had a chance to adore her (which we did - she in turn was sleeping) and bring her her gifts.
I planed for a while to make her a baby quilt, but in the end I made two, simply because I couldn't decide if I should go more modern or more traditional.
The first one is the more traditional, bright colored one with funny animals. The patterns is called jungle path baby quilt and it's free. I quilted little hands all over the place.

The second one is definitely more modern, only uni colors and clear triangular lines. The back, I think, I have shown you before in an earlier state. Quilting was triangles and straight lines. I love how it came out.
 Finally, I also knitted a Baby Surprise Jacket, which is one of my all time favorite pattern (and, for a baby, is very quickly done). The yarn is called Knitcol by Adriafil, which I bought in a yarn store in Cape Cod.

Not planned this way, but I find it matches the first quilt almost perfectly.

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