Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sew and Socks

Some updates on the sewing and knittig front.
Socks - those were originally ment to go to my mom, but when I tried the first one on, it was a perfect fit to my foot, so I'm posting this while wearing my mom's socks (don't worry, I've already am planning another pair for her)
 Shawl - this one was my backup project. I ended up with a total of 31 leaves. It already has seen some warming action
Bag - I bought the pattern at the Handarbeitshaus in Gröbern a while back. Over time, I sort of kind of collected the fabric here and there (some of it is left over from two projects from 2012, some of this rescued our of scrap bins, some of it, ... who know where I found it)
I changed the pattern a bit, mostly by adding grommets around the upper edge. The grommets didn't stay at first - the fabric kept slipping out - so I added some fabric glue, and now they stay were they are suppossed to be.
Useful bag, and it's already in use for a new knitting project.

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