Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Cookies 2014

Tomorrow is December 1st, so it's high time I start with this years cookie production (also, for a change I have nothing else planned this weekend)
First on the agenda were so called French Rhombi, though basically there are not that different from the Cinnamon Stars I normally make.
One important tip: DO NOT drop the backing tray as it comes out of the oven. This does not end well.
 The 'Gebabbte' make a return.

 Finally I made a double batch of Walnut/Marzipan confection. One batch stays with me, the other half goes to my mom.
  I also made Heidesands with Ginger again, but they are super borring to take photos of, so no picture here.

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Stefanie Kolb said...

Oh noes! Die leckeren Zimtsterne :(