Sunday, January 08, 2017

City Sampler Sandwich

I basted the Tula Pink City Sampler today.
I used the same method I used for the Scrappy Trellis quilt, using clamps to hold the sandwich to the table while I put the pins in. I've found that this method works best for me (at least until I find something better). I have tried spray basting, but for some strange reasons I do prefer the pins, at least for the bigger quilts.
I then started free motion quilting, but after I've finished with the first bobbin (and 5 of the blocks) I decided I hate how the quilting looks, so I'm now unpicking.
This will take a while *sigh*

I got 42 blocks for me blue HST quilt done.
For a 60 x 70" quilt I need 168 blocks, so 25% are done.
That is unless I'll go with a on point layout, then I may need a few more.

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