Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sometimes Simple Is Better

It took me three tries to finally get to a quilting pattern that I liked for the City Sampler Quilt.
The first one (which I never fotographed) was to quilt each block individually, like the blocks in the book) This one I gave up after four squares ... less said about this the better,
I unpicked what I have done so far, and started with a spiral/meander pattern. This one took longer to realize that this is not what I want.
So it also took longer to unpick. But unpick I did.
 Finally, I just started to quilt in simple wavey lines about 2 inches apart using my walking foot. This one is much, much better.
While the meanders distracted a lot from the block patterns, this one is much more in the background and works much better with the layouts.
I've finished the quilting yesterday and have sewed on the binding today. Only 7.8m of sewing by hand the binding over onto the backside of the quilt and then I'm done.

This is a little bag I actually finished last year already.
I bought the pattern at the Kreativ Welt Fair in Frankfurt in November. The fabrics were a gift at my birthday. The bag currently holds all my marker pens I'm using for quilting.

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