Sunday, January 22, 2017

Yarn Inventory

My plans for the weekend fell through, so I used the time to finally make an inventory of the yarn I own. First I pulled out all the yarn I had in various places and put it in one big pile in the middle of the living room.
There is ... a lot. Though it could be worse (and I know of people were it's much, much worse)

I started to sort through the pile. I had a couple of givens.
- all the Wollmeise (which is in two big boxes and by far the biggest single yarn supplier)
- sock yarn (most often the result of impulse buys)
- Noro (I'm a sucker for the colors, but then never really know what to use them for)
- Lett Lopi (still have a good bit over from a couple of projects)
- Cotton (lots of small scraps - I see potholders in my future)
(that is only the small, small scraps - there is a lot more cotton out there)
- Lace (I've got an idea there how to use some of that one)
-  worsted yarn that in some way could be used together in an afghan 
Whatever was in a shape that could for some reason or another be called useful, I checked against my stash list in Ravelry (got to love Ravelry), and if necessary, updated that list.
One of the great thing of Ravelry is that you can export the stash list to excel and play around with statistics there.
After registering most of my yarn now, I have 72,7 km of yarn in my stash.
Biggest chunk in terms of meterage of that is Lace (17.9km), which is considering Lace is also the longest per weight, no big surprise.
In terms of weight I have 20.9kg. Here the biggest chunk is fingering with 8.8kg (that is all the sock yarn)
 All in all I'm quite satisfied with the result of my inventory. I plan on making an afghan with the worsted yarn and then see if I can get rid of the some of the rest by donation.

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