Sunday, August 27, 2006

Being Creative

Yesterday, a friend of mine had her b-day party. As her TV set went kaputt a short while ago, she ask everybody for money instead of something else. Now, I could have gone and put a couple of bills into an envelope, but that would be booooring.
What do to?
A while back I found that some Lego Pirates of the Carribian stuff at Toys R' Us. I also found a flat bowl somewhere. So, working with some blue food coloring (I would have loved to work with blue Jello, but you can't find blue Jello in Germany for love or money), gelantine, some sand and glittery stuff and the Jack sparrow set I've created this:

The money is imbedded in the gelantine *big grin*

My first attempt was too dark, so this is actually version 2.

Another way to get creative is to paint your walls. I've bought an appartment half a year ago, and every room has something special - my guest room has the Stargate symbols in a band along the walls, my office had some golden stars at the walls and my living room got the map of Middle Earth on it. I've only now added the place names and here's how it looks:

I love it!!!

I thought I go and answer this weeks SBQ question.
What do you keep your WIPs and other stitching supplies in when traveling?

I do travel quite a bit (because of my job) and I used to carry my traveling project in a plastic sleeve with the material in a small floss storage box. For my birthday this year my sister (bless her soul) gave me a DMC travel bag in navy. I swabbed out the Sitchbow Wallet thingies and put in something to hold my bobbins. To make it my own I used a Stargate Altantis patch and sewed it over the SMC logo ;)
This bag is great and I absoluty adore it.

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Katie said...

Oh that pirate theme is just too neat, definitely saving that idea for possibilities for DS's birthday party next year!!