Friday, August 11, 2006

The many people who are me

As the pic of the white socks I wanted to show of, don't actually show for some reason, I'll skip to something else.

Ever googled yourself?

I just did and, boy, I'm surprised about the things I do/did is my life ;)
... or at least somebody with the same name I have did ;)

- I published (together with others) a book on poetry which is available on
Freaky, because I actually did publish fanfic together with a friend - though I never touched poetry. I do suck at poetry.

- I'm teaching a class for step-aerobic
Yack, I'm not sporty in any sense of the word.

- I helped to set up a German fanfic side
True, that was me, but I really did only very, very little. At the side has been dead for several years.

- I wrote a dissertation (is that a disertation? Some sort of final paper you need to write in order to get your diploma. Whatyacallit? Degree disseration?) on some farming tool
I did write such a type of paper, but that was more than ten years ago and it was about the optimization of a vacuum sensor

- I'm manager is a vacation resort on the Algarve
Cool. I've nver been there, but this sounds cool

- I do study managment in Innsbruck
Hmmm, I seem to be interested in bettering my life. That's the second student I am

- I have art and fiction in several Ghostbuster fanzine
yep, that's me. I admit it

- I'm a fictional character in a tv movie
wow ... I just hope I'm not the dead body ;)

and the cream of the crop
- I do publish my own cross stitch designs. And pretty stuff, too *big grin*

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