Saturday, August 12, 2006

Look, white socks

A week or so ago, I read somewhere about knitting with beads. My first reaction was 'what a cool idea'. My second 'I have a lot of beads, I wanna do that too'
Somehow, one of the first ideas was to do a pair of white socks with beads on the cuff. But, how to get the beads (and all I have is seed beads) on the cuff? So, I turned to my trusted wool store and they duck up a thread with pre threaded beads. They must have had that stuff for a while already - the priece was still in Deutschmark.
Not what I envisioned originally, but good enough for me to want to try it.
Outcome is that pair of white socks:

Now, I got quite a bit of that thread left, I haven't used any of the beads I wanted to use originally, and it wasn't what I wanted to do at first.
Still, I love them ;)

Maybe one day ....

(oooookay, after editing this for some typos, the pic of the socks have disappeared - I'll see what I can do, but this might take a while)


M said...

Hi! I'm new here too, found you thru AngelSan's recommendation ... I LOVE your socks! How cute are those!

Rose said...

What a great idea, your socks turned out beautifully. I can't wait to see the next pair, be sure to post a pic, I'll be checking back to see them.