Saturday, August 19, 2006

knitting with bamboo

This sock (the second one is in the works right now) is not only knitted with bomboo needles (which I dearly love to knit with), but it actually contains bomboo fibers. The wool is Regia Bamboo Color and is a mix of 45% bamboo, 40% wool and 15% poloyamid. It feels wonderfully soft and is cooler on the feet than just wool or cotton. And that color is to dye for ;)

Yesterday, I went to my beloved local yarn shop in Arheiligen and got some more sock wool for Pomatomus socks. I've found that pattern last week while I was hunting for free sock patterns and fell in love with it. I can't wait to start (but of course, I'll need to finish the other bamboo sock first, and then I've started a lace pattern wrap in blue mohair, then I promised S. to make here a pair of socks and not to forget ....

my stitching:

This is my progress pic for Voyage at Sea, my travelling project (fitting, isn't it ;)). Got a good 70% of the cross stitch done.

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