Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Start: Northern Lights Sampler

I started yesterday with the Northern Lights Sampler by Jeanette Douglas
I fell in love with that pattern about two yers ago when I saw it in a LNS in Canada. But at this time the high price for the embellishment package kinda shocked me, and I didn't buy pattern nor pack.
But, as I was thinking about this for two years and still wanted to do it, I asked my friend Antje to pick it up for me and of course she did.
I finished row 1 to 5 today (exept the beading, which I will do at the end)

I didn't care too much about those trees and I know I have a counting error somewhere, but I decided to leave it for now. The colors are lovely

I also did a quicky - a dragon design I've found in some old magazine. I stitched it with DMC 4070 (one of those new color variation threads I picked up in France). And I made it into a coaster.

Liked the new atlantis Episode, but no new quote at the moment. I'll need to see it a second time, maybe I pick something up then.

So, instead something from one of my favorite episodes of season 2, The Hive. From this McKay was re-titled to Mr. Amazing (at least for me ;))

McKay: There’s no time, no time. The planet ... not Ford’s, the one the, uh, ship’s headed towards, we need to get there and we don’t have much time. (pacing) I was barely able to escape myself, but I managed to take out the guards. (McKay grins) Oh, you should have seen me! I was amazing! I wish we’d got it on camera because ... That’s not the point.


tkdchick said...

Your start looks great! I've stitched this piece for a store and I'd like to do it again for myself!

Jeannette recommends putting in a basting line at the left side of your project so that you always know you're "on the line" and not out of count

Judith said...

Your start looks great. I have stitched it already last year. I loved stitching it a lot.
I even had a workshop with Jeannette and that was very nice as her parents are dutch and so she can speak dutch.