Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Long Distance Driving

Driving to and fro Dresden once a week has it's perks.

It has it's down sides, too. It's 480km one way and on Mondays I have to leave at 6 AM to be on the customer side at 11 AM (the weekly meeting is on Monday afternoon and of course I need to prepare). Also, there's temptation on the route – every 50 km or so one can drive off and take a break at either McD or Burger King. And if I manage to resist one or the other, there's always one more to tempt me off the road and towards burgers and fries and other not really healthy things.

At least I don't have to drive on Sundays any more – I used to do that and even if the time is counted as overtime (not that I need more of that, really) it sucks to have one's Sunday cut short.

But there are perks – I love listening to audibooks and driving long distances is just perfect for it. I've just finished (I think for the third time as audibook) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban, and am looking forward to starting with Order of the Phoenix next. This will keep me busy for a couple of weeks, I'd say.

And there's the weather. I love watching clouds and sometimes when I go by the Wartburg or one of the other sights on the way, the view is just breathtaking. I've seen a couple of amazing rainbows, some great lightning and a couple of really lovely sunsets (or rises in some cases) in the last year.

If only I could stitch or knit while driving, it would be perfect.

Last week's episode of Atlantis was finally watchable again. I was not really thrilled with the first three of the new lot, even though I found that 'Irresistible' improved after watching it twice.

I didn't have high hopes for 'Seteda' (it being a Ronan centered story line) but I was actually pleasantly surprised. Finally some good interaction, and even the Ronan part was okay.

Two quotes, one typical oh-so optimistical McKay and the other a really nice Sheppard/Teyla exchange (though the Sheppard / Teyla bit is more fun when actually hearing it – the delivery is great).

Ronan: I have a bad feeling

McKay: I always feel like that. Like something horrible is about to happen.

Teyla: How to you live?

McKay: I get used to it. Thing is, when someone else also has that feeling, mine gets worse.

Sheppard: Look, Teyla, I'm not really good at ... actually, I'm terrible expressing ... I don't ... what ya call it

Teyla: Feelings

Sheppard: Yeah, sure, okay. Point is, I don't really have good...

Teyla: Social skills?

Sheppard: Well, that is why I enjoyed flying choppers in the most remote part of my world before all this craziness happened. But, you should know. I don't have ...

Teyla: Friends

Sheppard: No, I have friends. You, Elisabeth, Ronan, Carson, even Rodney, are the closest thing I have to ...

Teyla: A family?

Sheppard: I do anything, for anyone of you. If I had to give up my life, the way Ronan was going to ... I would.

Teyla: Thank you. For everything you ... meant to say.

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