Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend progress (or lack thereof)

I've finished the bamboo socks
I've fixed a pair of socks that I've made for my mom last year, but turned out to be too long in the foot - they are shorter now, and if they are too short, well, they fit me now.
I've almost finished another ball of yarn on the shawl
And I undid the last two rows on Northern Lights Sampler, extented the 3rd row by two threads (to center them to the trees) and re-stitched row 4 shifted by one thread to the right. So I've actually got less on NLS than last week.

Don't try this at home, kids:
I've got the soundtrack to the new 'Superman Returns' movie last weekend. So I took it with me for my weekly trip to Dresden. The first track it the Superman Theme from the original movie with Christopher Reeves by John Williams - one of the most brilliant pieces he's ever writting IMNSHO.
Turned the volumn to LOUD
Founnd a straight stretch of autobahn without speed limit ahead of me and without too much traffic (contraire to some believes, we do have wide stretches of autobahn with speed limits - and normally I follow those speed limits)
... and put the petal to the metal
I didn't thought that my car could to more than 210kph, but it does ;)

Oops, almost forgot my Atlantis quote of the week. I sort of liked 'The Real World', but that was maybe because a long time ago, I've wrote a SG1 story that pretty much was based on the same idea.
Nonetheless, there's a fun McKay quote that had me smile:

Sheppard: How do you know what you look like when you have a brilliant idea?
McKay: Because it’s happened more than once in front of a mirror.

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