Saturday, July 15, 2006

Learning English

Hi all.
What a wonderful morning it is. First time in some time the temps dip below 20 degrees, so finally everything cooled down a bit. I'm not against sun and sumer, but when it's too warm to sleep there the fun stops. I slept well last night, and except for a small headache I feel fine. Praise the dentist. I might be scared of them, but they do make the pain go away.

So, now to the promised (or theatened) part where I talk a little bit more about myself.
If you have noticed that my English is sometimes a little bit bumpy, and I use strange phrases or spellings (let alone the punctuation) I let you in into something. I'm not English, or American or any have other country affiliation were I would learn English from birth. I'm German - born here, grew up here, and basically plan on dying here someday in the far future with a book in one hand and my cross stitch stuff in the other. And, I also wasn't too fond of English in school. I scraped by, but that was about it. This all changed when I decided to go to evening school after I started working and get my high school diploma (or whatever the equivilant really is - here it's called 'Fachhochschulreife') I a) got an exellent teacher there and b) joined a group of back then Star Trek fans. I'm still in that group, but Star Trek hasn't been a topic in a looooooong time. By joining the group I started to realize that there a lot of interesting things out there in English and that this language could be FUN. I started reading, writing and watching all things English and today you find far more DVDs or videos or books in my home that are English than German. That I work in a company that is very international with the only common language being English certainly helps.

Stitching: I've decided to put my big project that I'm doing for a friend's birthday and that I can't really talk about aside and go back to Midnight Hunting by Draoclair. I'm stitching the lower right corner and think I might have a shot at finishing the border this weekend.

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