Friday, July 14, 2006

not such a good day

Last night when I got home the toothache I've had for a day or so got worse than ever. I slept maybe 2 hours tonight. So, first thing this morning was to head for my dentist. I've been there just two weeks ago, and everything was find - well, more or less fine, as we decided to schedule some dental work I've been pushing out for the last year or so. But that was on the left side, and it was the right side that was hurting.
I thought my dentist would open at 8:00 AM, but actually he opens at 8:30, so I was waiting outside for half an hour for him to show up. And show up he did - only in his car, heading out. He had some seminar today and wasn't seeing any patients. He sent me through to his back up and after about an hour waiting I got my first shot against the pain and a trip to the x-ray.
The doc confirmed what I already suspected - inflamation of the root canal. I had pretty much the same thing about a year ago on the other side (this is part of why I went to see my dentist two weeks ago - in order to put a crown on the work from back then)
Another shot to numb the teeth further and the drilling started. A few minutes later the nerve was pulled, the hole was closed and the pain was still there in the background.
With the prescription in my pocket I headed back to work.
The pain is better now (four hours later) and I managed to eat something at lunch, so it's not all bad, but I really could have done without all that fun ...


Okay, now to the more fun bit (or maybe not).
I've started a blog. Yep, this is my very first post and certainly not really the way I wanted to start this.
A few words to myself: I'm 40 years old, single and happily so. I work as an engineer in the semiconductor industry (where those computer chips are built, you know) I travel a lot for my company, mostly in Europe, but I've had a couple of trips to Japan (were my company's headquarter is) and the US. I still like to travel and been as far as New Zeeland (probably one of the most beautiful places I've every been) and Alaska (a friend of mine is living there). Else I love to read (mostly fantasy, but a good thriller now and then is okay, too) and I am additcted to cross stitching. I mean, really addicted. I do stitch a lot and hate it when I don't have to time to do so.
More about me later.
I plan on blogging about this and that and maybe also a little bit of this as well.

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