Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stormbringer close to finish

I took Stormbringer with me on the road this week. I'm almost done - I'm on the membrane of the last wing (just filling it with Waterlilie 'Stormclouds') and actually did some backstitching on the lower part of the dragon already. If I push on, I think I might be able to finish it this weekend.

Of course now I need to get a good frame and a mat for framing. There is a pretty good place in Dresden for the mat cutting (with a computer controlled mat cutting table that has me seriously drooling), so I probably will have the mat cut there. Just to find a nice frame.
And decide on a place to hang it. I think I'm going to keep that one for myself and I do have the space, but still ... where?

And then, yeah, I can pick another project for travel *big grin*
Of course, now is decision time. There are several candidats.
For one there's Not Forgotten from Dragon Dreams. I've already did the kit up for all the specialty threads and also got the fabric, but I don't really need to do another Dragon Dream right now.
Besides, I have about a dozend kits at home that I want to finish and they are really good for travelling projects as they already have everything in it.
I've got two kits I'm thinking about especially, Mariner's Light and Voyage at Sea, both from the Petites Gold Collection by Dimensions. The fabric is aida, but I've bought some 36ct Edinburgh Linen I plan on swapping. I've done a couple of those Petites Golds already (Beautiful Bird and Eagles) and like the detail they show. Mariner's Light I bought twice already, giving the first kit away as a gift for a friend.

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