Sunday, July 16, 2006

Saturday's Icecream Frenzy

Hmmmm, we had our monthly Trekdinner (which was named after Star Trek at one point, but has practially nothing to do with that show anymore) in an Icecafe in Nackenheim (close to Mainz). The Dolce Vita has about 200 different ice cream creations and have special menues for Spaghetti Icecream (that is not that the icecream contains pasta, but that it's pressed through some kinda machine and it looks like spaghetti), Icecreams with Strawberries, Icecream with Yoghurt, with Chocolate and what not.
I started as a good girl with a Yoghurt Cup with exotic fruits and no whipped cream (though, I have to admit, it didn't look too different from the one Gisela had, the Yoghurt Cup with normal fruit) But later I just couldn't resist ordering a second cup with Chocolate. *shrug* what can I say? It was goooooood.
Good thing I don't do this too often - my scales wouldn't be too happy with me.

I think this was one of the things I sort of missed while I was living in Dallas. The ice cream in the US is just not the incredible good icecream you can find here in Germany (or in Italy ... after all, most of the ice cafes here ar run by Italian). An don't have me started on frozen joghurt. There are world between that and some creamy, sweet, fruity ice cream. In the US they put stuff in ice cream that has no right to be there (like cookies) and far too much artifical flavors.

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