Thursday, July 20, 2006

What's in a Name

Sapphire's Stitching Stanza

I've have been pondering starting a blog for some time, mostly to show of my stitching as it goes, but only last Friday I really got the nerve to do it.
And then there I was, ready to go, but had no name for it.
'Sapphire' had to be in it, that much was sure. It has been my net and fanish name since I was on the net and in fandom. I've used that name when I and Mac published fanzines under the label of M&S productions (first it actually was S&M productions until somebody pointed out to us that this wouldn't be the smartest move - see how long ago that was ;))
Then, of course there had to be some reverence for my passion (some might call it addiction) for cross stitch.
So, what then: 'Sapphire's Stitching .... Something?'
Hmmm, I might be on to something there. SSS ... there might be a cute little alliteration in that.
After some pondering (I think roughtly 5 seconds) the word 'Stanza' came to my mind. Hm, Stanza. Has something to do with poetry, I think.
Wikipedia says: "In poetry, a stanza is a unit within a larger poem. (The term means "room" in Italian.) In modern poetry, the term is often equivalent with strophe; in popular vocal music, a stanza is typically referred to as a "verse" (as distinct from the refrain, or "chorus")."

Well, this doesn't sound too bad and I hope you like it.

Reading: ”Stargate Atlantis: The Chosen" by Sonny Whitelaw

Stitching: “Stormbringer” by DragonDreams

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