Friday, July 21, 2006

Rainbows and Lightning

I've driven home last night from Dresden back to Frankfurt (got a dentist's appointment today). The last couple of days it got hotter and hotter. I left Dresden to 38degree Celsius!!! Thank God I've got AC in my car. At least the heat is dry - humitity would be the killer now.
Around Eisenach I saw lightning ahead. I do love lightning. During a thunderstorm I could sit at a window and just watch it. Now, with the new appartment, I've got a great place to do it. From my bedroom window in the fourth floor I can see all over Langen - only so far I didn't have the oppertunity.
The rain lastet only for 10 min or so, but it cooled the air by a good 20 degrees. That is until 50 km later, when it was back in the 30ies.
The coolest about a thunderstorm in the late afternoon/early evening is when the sun comes out again and you can see a rainbow. There was a pretty good one and when I stopped for a short potty break, I could see both ends of it, though not the full half circle. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't come out that great.
Anyway, a day when you see a rainbow, is not a lost day.

On another note. Stargate Atlantis is back on the air again *happy dance*
So, I'll try an include a McKay quote every week or so.

From No Man's Land:
McKay: Maybe... Earth'll probably mount some kind of defence... In which case I imagine death would be instantaneous. Unless we're trapped on a deck and on fire or something, then we'd be burned alive. Well, burned alive or suffocate. I wonder what'd be worse: being life-sucked by the Wraith or, or, burned alive. I honestly couldn't consider two worse options.

Isn't he just a ray of sunshine ...?

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