Friday, July 28, 2006

There's a hare on the wall

Mid 2005 my friend Bill was visiting friends in Australia. Susan his twin sister (not really, but might as well be) is breeding bunnies and showing them and winning prices. So Bill asked me if I knew of a good pattern of a bunny or a hare, preferably in a medieval setting. I browsed around a bit and discovered Beth Russell Needle Point. There I found a kit that is part of a tapestry by William Morris with a hare, which I liked.

I showed that to Bill and Susan and they really loved it and then they asked if they would pay for the kit, would I be willing to stitch it up as a seat cover for Susan.

I've never did needle point before (I'm a cross stitcher by heart), but I'm always willing to try something knew, so I said, sure, yeah, why not.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into…

The kit was ordered and received and I immediately went to work. As I said, never did any needle point and obviously had no proper frame to stitch it in. So I stitched it in hand, which proved to be easier said than done. Especially, in the later stages, there was quite a bit to hold in my one hand, while stitching wih the other. As it was to be used as a seat cover, I stitched it with the continental stitch (I know, I should have used the basketweave, but that's all part of live and learn). It took me a good 6 months to finish and shortly after x-mas I send the somewhat askwed hare (I tried to block it, but I didn't manage to get it straight) off to Australia.

Susan changed her mind, though, and instead of a seat cover, whe found somebody to frame it (and straighten is out) and now the finished hare is on her living room wall.

(I don't know if this is working - for four days now, I tried to upload that pic. I finally found out that I need to open up my pop-up blocker, but still, I don't see the pic in my 'compose' window)

Anyway, if this works, a second pic for some details:

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