Monday, July 24, 2006

Paris Charles de Gaules

If there's one airport I don't particularly like then it's Paris' Charles de Gaules airport.
Why, somebody explain to me, does it take less than an hour to fly from Frankfurt to Paris, but over two hours to get my luggage and the rental car?
First for some strange reason all the luggage from a flight from Munich got unlaoded, even though this flight landed after us, before our luggage even showed up. And even though I can accept that some people coming before me also want a rental car, but why needs the desk be manned with only one person? (I also don't particularly like standing in line when the line is perpendicular to a steady stream of people going from one place to another)
The cap was when the elevators (or is that lift?) I needed to take to get to the car park had some problem and a throng of people tried to get in. It looked to me like two out of the six elevators didn't work (at least their doors never opened while I was watching). If I had had a clue where the stairs were I would have taken them, but I couldn't find them. Of course, after I finally got inside a cab, some lady insisted on pushing her (almost empty) luggage cart in next to the one that was already crowding the place, making it almost impossible for me to leave the cab when my floor finally came.

On the upside, I now have a cute little Chevrolet Matiz. Very small - a normal US pickup would eat it for lunch and still have room left for desert. The first Chevy I'm driving ;)

In Frankfurt there must have been some sort of conference or meeting for the Jehowa Witnesses. There were hundred people with purple name batches with the slogan 'Deliverance is at Hand' in at least four different languages. The line for the US check in counters was the longest I've ever seen and I feel sorry for all 'normal' people who wanted to go to the USA this morning. Half of my flight was from the same group - most catching a connecting flight to the USA in Paris.

I watched the pilot of 'Eureka' last night. Hmmm, I'm not so sure so far. I liked the female deputy for some reason, though normally I can't stand the 'I'm tougher than any guy' types. I give it some more chances and see how it develops.

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