Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stormbringer is done

Yeah, I finally finished Stormbringer (by DragonDreams)

Took me roughly three months, but as it was 'only' my travel project, it didn't get that much time devoted to it. I stitched it pretty much as designed with recommended threads and fabric. Only thing, I left out the beads in the corners. I'm not to crazy about beads to begin with and they don't add much to the design for me.
I found a good frame, but repainted it to match the color better. And I need to mount it properly - just need to find a good mounting board I can use.

I've started to stitch Dance of the Bumble Bee by Bent Creek as a quick take with me project yesterday, but going now to prepare anything for Voyage at Sea (a kit form the Petites Gold Collection by Dimensions) to take with me next week to my trip to France. I've never stitched on a 36ct linen (as I'm going to swap the aida in the kit for some Edinburgh linen) Have to see how it goes.

Saw the second Atlantis episode yesterday. Not enough character stuff and far too little McKay. So far the season hasn't blown me away, but I'll going to stutck with it (naturally)

Best McKay quote:

Shepard: You're a genius, Rodney.
Rodney: Yes, I know... but I didn't do anything.

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